National Award Winning Research

For the second time in three years, CRD has been recognized for its economic development research. The center's Comparative Space-Time Data Analysis Toolkit, currently in beta format, received the national award for Research and Analysis from the University Economic Development Association (UEDA) in October, 2011. The award was presented at the annual meeting of the UEDA in Indianapolis following presentations by the finalists. Ball State University and Indiana University were the other finalists in the Research and Analysis category.

The comparative space time data analysis toolbox will help our local community partners to prepare for the impacts of large layoff events in a comparative and temporal setting. In addition, this toolbox is developed using open source scripting language, which is intended to serve as a user-friendly and graphical interface to non-Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialists. Policy makers and economic development professionals can visually explore and analyze both numerical and non-numerical information embedded in these large-scale collections of layoff events. In addition, such a toolbox provides new visualization and computation methods to predict the trends and impacts of unemployment, which have been on the government agendas in this post-recession period.

CRD also won the award in 2009 with our Locating Aspirational Clusters research on the wind turbine manufacturing industry in Ohio.